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Proetnica Festival in Sighisoara

At the end of every summer, the citadel of Sighisoara is the place that houses an invaluable treasure: the cultural wealth of the ethnic communities in Romania. A thesaurus that is not locked by padlocks or chains and it is not hidden from people’s gaze. A wealth to which everyone has access to their liking. A jewel that enhances its brilliance every year due to ProEtnica Intercultural Festival. Through this event, with increasing impact and of greater scale from year to year, you have the opportunity to discover the treasure in the heart of Sighisoara and to fully enjoy it.

ProEtnica, the greatest celebration of multicultural dialogue in Romania, which will take you for a few days through a “diverse universe” of the social, cultural and spiritual ethnic communities in Romania, displayed by music, dance, poetry, theatre performances, interactive activities with the public, contemporary art exhibitions, book launches and publications, film screenings, interethnic ball, handicraft stalls, culinary exhibitions, debates and roundtables, publications, intercommunity performances.