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Roman Festival in Călugăreni

The Roman Festival in Călugăreni is organized each year by Mures County Museum in partnership with “Sura” Theatre Association. Every year the festival has a specific theme. This year the festival brings to public attention after more than 1,500 years from the fall of the Roman Empire, the customs of that period, but also the continuation of the research to include northeast limes in UNESCO Heritage.

The defence system known as the limes is one of the most extraordinary achievements of Roman civilization, and it runs through Mures County on a distance of more than 70 km.

Under the coordination of the County Museum, intensive research has been conducted since 2010, within which these limes sectors are investigated in the county. The purpose of this research is to prepare the necessary documentation, based on which they can achieve the nominalization on UNESCO World Heritage List.

During each day of the festival, Călugăreni will host gladiators, legionaries, slaves and barbarians, so that visitors can see the mysteries, crafts, everyday life activities and Roman fighting techniques.

The highlight of the festival are the battles between gladiators, as well as the manoeuvres of Roman soldiers. The armour and gladiators or soldiers’ clothing will be presented, but battles are nothing less to see. Visitors can participate in activities and work done in the workshops, which will revive aspects of daily life of the population of a Roman province. “Factories” of mosaics and ceramics, metalwork, Roman wine tasting, archery, games and a slave fair will be reconstituted.