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On the 20th of September we celebrate the birthday of Claudia Rhédey.

The National Touristic Information and Promotion Centre from Sângeorgiu de Pădure organized a series of events to celebrate the birthday of Claudia Rhédey.
The event series were opened with a symposium, called “Transylvanian Castles”. In this symposium dr.Vajda András, the chief of the Traditional Culture Conservation and Promotion Centre of Mures County, presented the situation of the castle from the Mures Valley.
The town’s mayor, Mr. Csibi Attila, presented the landscape plans of the castle area, which were made by a group of students.
In the symposium called “Who knows what about the Rhédey’s” were presentedthe exploration results about the life Claudia Rhédey – the grand-grandmother of the current British Queen, Elisabeth II – and the history of the Rhédey castle.
The main point of the events was launching the book “Prince Charles’ visit to Sângeorgiu de Pădure”.

The “Kajoni Consort” old music band from Baraolt performed during the pauses between the events.

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